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Selling Tips for Autumn

14 September 2017

Buyer activity is traditionally very good at this time of year, with the holiday season over and the kids back at school, but your property still needs to compete well if it is to sell readily.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so always make it count, as buyers will make instant judgements. So, if you’re thinking of selling in the coming months, take stock of your property now, so that you maximise your chances of securing an early sale at the best price possible.

Quite obvious but so often overlooked, here are some easy tips to make your property stand out from the rest:

• Kerb appeal – make sure lawns are cut, flowerbeds and pathways are clear of weeds.
• Gutters, soffits and drainpipes should be clean and free from debris.
• Many buyers will drive by a property first before making an appointment, so, on dark evenings, make it look like a home from the outside with lamps on and curtains open, giving an impression of cosiness.  A “For Sale” board will also make the house easier to find.
• Make sure your entrance hall is clear and tidy. It needs to feel spacious and inviting.
• Address tired walls or woodwork with a new coat of paint, keep colours neutral and light.
• Check the silicone and grouting around baths and sinks, make sure they’re spotless.
• Hire an industrial cleaner and give carpets a once over.
• Declutter – buyers love a minimalist look so they can visualise their own furniture layout.

If you’re keen to move this side of Christmas, why not take advantage of our property advice service? It’s free and will give you a good opportunity to gauge whether we could be the right agent for you. If so, we’d love to help.

Dean Caldon

Managing Director

Grace & Rose Estate Agents

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