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Use the lockdown to prepare your home for Sale

7 April 2020

Making the most of the lockdown time and getting your home “sale ready”

If you were one of the many sellers who had plans to move home this year and to list your property for sale, our best advice would be to use this extended period of time at home to get your home “sale ready”.

Walk from room to room and outside too, note down everything you’ve been meaning to fix. All those DIY jobs. If you’ve ever said the words “I really must sort that out” or “I must touch up that paintwork” then now’s exactly the time. Make the gardens front and back look lovely and tidy too.

In the weeks or more likely months ahead, once the lockdown ends and viewings and valuations can begin again, we fully expect a rush to list (like January) which could mean you’ll be in competition with another property on your road. Make yours the best you can and make it stand out and you’ll stand every chance of securing a buyer quickly when the market unfreezes.

ps You might not have the tools or paint to hand but you could always order online and please take special precautions when handling the deliveries and packaging.

Stay safe and a massive thank you to our heroic NHS, key workers and every other local business who are keeping everything going for us all.

Dean Caldon
Grace & Rose Estate Agents

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We might be in lockdown, but we can still value your home via our remote valuation service and you can still view our properties via our virtual viewing service too click here for more details

Government’s Guidance on Home Moving during the coronavirus outbreak – If you’ve recently accepted an offer, had your offer accepted on a property, or are in the process of marketing your home, please see the Government’s Guidance released on the 26 March. If you have any questions about the guidance or how the lockdown period may affect your current purchase or sale, or how it might affect your future property plans, please feel free to give me a call or email me