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3 things your Estate Agent can be doing for you during Lockdown

14 April 2020 

Depending on what stage your sale is at, your Agent’s job is far from over during the lockdown, here’s what they can be doing for you:

Progressing a sale for those sold stc

If you’ve recently sold subject to contract your Agent can be keeping everyone throughout the chain in touch and ensuring that all parties are pulling in the same direction. They can be contacting mortgage brokers to check on the status of your buyer’s mortgage application and they can be contacting the solicitors across the whole chain (not just your solicitor and your buyer’s solicitor) and providing updates to other Agents in the chain so that they can update their own clients. Why would an Agent do another Agent’s job and request updates from their solicitor too though? Because, if your Agent really wants to help you to move home and has the desire for the chain to complete, that’s exactly what they ought to be doing. It’s important not to bombard the solicitors, as they have a job to do after all (not just providing updates to us Agents) but with finesse your Agent can build relationships with solicitors across the whole chain.

Answering questions

Whether you’re a buyer wanting to know if the appliances are staying in the kitchen, or you’re a seller wanting to know if the buyer would like the wardrobes left in the bedroom, your Agent can be getting these questions answered for you. Of course the solicitor will have these questions confirmed in writing, but it’s far quicker for your Agent to call both buyer and seller and get the questions answered so that all parties remain informed, happy and most of all in contact with each other.

Giving guidance to those ready to list

If you’re not on the market yet, but are poised and ready to list, the sensible choice would be to wait. That’s what we’re guiding our clients to do. Do not list your property (even if vacant) unless you have an absolute need to do so. Viewings are not possible and it’s highly unlikely that a buyer would make an offer even with a virtual viewing. Virtual viewings are a great idea to keep buyer interest alive if you’d already listed prior to lockdown, but not as a sole substitute. Your Agent should be guiding you with what’s best for you, not them. The market is frozen, your property will go stale on the market if you list now and it will lose the impact of being a new listing, hence the sensible option in the vast majority of cases will be to wait until the lockdown is over.

Some Agents have taken the necessary step to furlough employees to ensure they continue to get paid during this difficult period, so you may find it more challenging than normal to obtain updates on your sale or purchase and get your questions answered, but it is still possible. Ultimately it’s about an agent always being there for you, keeping the communication channels open. Don’t allow silence to creep in, as that can be deafening and troublesome for the chain’s survival.

Stay safe and keep well

Dean Caldon
Grace & Rose Estate Agents

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Government’s Guidance on Home Moving during the coronavirus outbreak – If you’ve recently accepted an offer, had your offer accepted on a property, or are in the process of marketing your home, please see the Government’s Guidance released on the 26 March. If you have any questions about the guidance or how the lockdown period may affect your current purchase or sale, or how it might affect your future property plans, please feel free to give me a call or email me

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