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<a href="">First Impressions</a>

First impressions are not only important when selling your home, they are absolutely critical. When people come to view a property for the first time, they are unlikely to be scrutinising the unseen. They are [...]

<a href="">Selling an Unmodernised Property</a>

My previous article focused on issues to think about when buying a property requiring refurbishment. However, sellers should also be mindful when considering the sale of a property in need of renovation. Firstly, unmodernised is [...]

<a href="">Buying a Refurbishment Project</a>

There are so many property-related programmes on TV every week tracking the progress of a run-down house to a finished home.  It would be easy to forget just how challenging these kind of projects can [...]

<a href="">Service you Deserve People you can Trust</a>

Many Estate Agents see their role solely as finding the right buyer for a property and negotiate attractive terms for the seller. But estate agency has moved on. Indeed, finding a buyer is arguably one [...]

<a href="">Optimising Your Saleability</a>

In a competitive market, we know that as long as your property is priced attractively, it will sell. However, many people spend a fortune on improving their home expecting at least the cost of the [...]

<a href="">How do you sell your home in a slow market?</a>

The national housing market currently paints a rather dull picture.  Combining the prospect of “a few interest rate rises over the next few years” according to the Bank of England and the political and economic uncertainty of [...]

<a href="">Professional Photography</a>

Photographs form a crucially important part of the marketing mix, designed to promote your property at its best.  Every image counts, as people will decide whether to inquire further or dismiss a property based solely [...]

<a href="">Peace of Mind</a>

In a largely unregulated industry, it is so important that you choose an agency that puts a high value on training and regulation. At Grace & Rose we are trained, regulated and are members of [...]

<a href="">Sell First or Buy First? Chicken or Egg?</a>

For homeowners wishing to sell their property and buy another, it’s the classic dilemma – what do you do first? Sell first or Buy first?...the Chicken or the Egg? Typically, people will start investigating the market [...]

<a href="">Mortgage Regulations</a>

For a few years now, following the Government’s overhaul of the mortgage market, known as the Mortgage Market Review (or MMR), much tighter mortgage application regulations have been in force.  In addition, this year’s further [...]

<a href="">Open House</a>

The keys to selling any property are price, location and exposure.  You can’t change the location of your property and the market ultimately determines the price.  However, your Agent can make significant inroads into how [...]

<a href="">Portals</a>

In today’s fast paced world, buyers use their PCs, iPads, tablets and mobiles to search the internet for their new home. The days of buyers walking in to an Estate Agents to start their property [...]

<a href="">The Value of Sold</a>

Our last article considered some of the dangers associated with pricing your home in relation to other properties available for sale (i.e. those remaining unsold). This time we’ll consider pricing in relation to properties which [...]

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"We used Grace & Rose to sell our property in Brentwood. From start to finish we felt valued and the Team at Grace & Rose were there every step of the way to guide us through our first ever sale. Grace & Rose made the large Estate Agents used by our vendor look like amateurs. As usual with these things, there were a few problems encountered along the way to do with our property/buyers but Grace & Rose dealt with all parties patiently, helpfully and efficiently and to everyone’s satisfaction. I also found the weekly updates very useful with the background progress. I have no hesitation in recommending Grace & Rose to anyone. I have done so since our move and I will continue to do so. It goes without saying that if we ever move again, Grace & Rose will be our first port of call."

Pete, Vendor

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